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We Breed Finnsheep

Finnsheep are friendly and prolific. Their dispositions and wool quality make them a popular choice for small flocks and farmsteads. Their astronomical lambing rates make Finnsheep an option for crossbreeding into commercial flocks.

Sheep Make Good Friends

Caleb Shows Goldie Some Love


The 2020 lambing season is underway. We will take deposits on lambs to reserve your place in the lamb choice queue.

Discover Finnsheep

We invite you to join the community of Finnsheep owners and lovers. Finnsheep have so many uses. They produce tasty meat that is leaner than that of other sheep breeds. Handspinners love the wool. They are low maintenance animals for the most part, and it is pretty exciting to get a big litter of multiples. But for me, I just love having them around. They are soothing, and they enjoy being around people. Give Finns a try, you will not be disappointed. 

A Family Project

Raising the sheep is a fun family project . All of the children have shown sheep at fairs. Andrew and Kimberly took some of our 2019 spring lambs to the Dickens County Junior Livestock Show this year. Wyoming won Reserve Champion Lightweight Market Lamb.
the Pafford family
Andrew shows off the mouflon pattern
Caleb supervising
Audrey holding Wyoming

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